Magician's awaken.

As I opened my eyes, I first thing that I saw was a stone ceiling that aged as if it was exist there before I was born.

"Wait, before I was born?"

As I question myself. As I looks around I only saw Glowing blue crystals on the wall, two damage stone door with unfamiliar word on it and the stone altar that I lay on.

"Where am I !? I.... W...who am I?"

As I ask myself and try to establish the existing for myself, I the dark and uncomfortable feeling begin to swelling inside me. The more I try to remember the more feeling of pain I experience.

*drip *drip

With the sound of water I regain my consciousness and calm. I took in a deep breath and empty my mind of all of unnecessary question.

"Right, even if I can't remember I need to set it aside for now. Right now I need to know where am I and how I would survive from here on"

I get down from the altar and look at myself I wear a white long sleeve shirt and white long pant, and try to look around again I can't find any object that can be use for my travel. Then the choice is to go farther down the path in front of me.