You start up the stream. "My name is Victor Tolokonnikova. I'm 19, from Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai. For the Americans in the chat: that's far north Siberia. I'm known by my gamertag, TOLOKN0Q, but most people call me Knoq. Even at work, in the nickel mines, people call me Knoq."

The first few messages pop in. Most of them are calling you in a faggot in some way or another - the others are bots, advertising penis enlargement pills that go up your ass and cunt tightening chicken wings that also go up your ass. You wonder if any of your audience is real - the newspaper just came in not long ago saying the majority of the world is covered in radioactive ash in some way or another. "I already live in the most polluted city in the world - so the acid rain got worse and the mines are slightly more radioactive. My haz is top of the line - got that urban winter camo design on it too." You ignore the chat and start up Counter Strike Halt 4 (CSH4), a first-person shooter in which you are top ranked in the sniper class. You join up with your team, the Arctic Losers, which include your apartment neighbor: Boris, who goes by CockiJocki32, and a couple of Germans that go by >Jews and Xx_Bogpill_xX respectively.

"Knoq, you probably haven't heard but it's over a third now. Over half for crops." Bogpill informed you. "Damn that's crazy. What map should we play on?" you ask, brushing off the death of a third of the world population and half the crops. "I don't think you get it, Knoq. You too Jocki," Jews began, "It's looking bad for us - and you guys will stop getting support soon too. We can't keep playing like the world isn't ending."

Boris chimed in, "I didn't want to think about it, but the last resource train was supposed to come last week...I don't think the mines will last much longer without fuel and all." You looked at the stack of canned food and MREs stacked up in the corner of your room from all the times you played games and fell asleep without eating. "Blyat. Rush main and break G. I'll cover." The match went on with the reminder that the Q in KN0Q stands for quickscope. "Knoq, this is our last game together," Bogpill said, "Jews and I are going to have to start surviving and taking care of our family. Germany is falling and though we're not on the level of chaos as America, the Moscow and African nukes are really taking a toll. The scientists here said we are entering a new ice age thanks to the bombs and the volcano. That was two years ago now - it can't be ignored, at least not by us anymore." A long silence followed. Your eyes went a bit watery but no tears. The next match started on a random map. It was the map you formed the team on all those years ago.

Not a word was said during the match. It ended with a perfect score for your team and a new personal best time. Everybody moved up to double-gold rank. You'd be considered pro's in a league match now.

Bogpill's voice cracked a bit, "Tschau, meine brĂ¼der." Jews followed, "Tschau. Knoq, Jocki." Boris muted his microphone. You bit your lip to help get the words out, "Do-svidaniya, comrades."

Status messages followed:

Xx_Bogpill_xX left the game.
Xx_Bogpill_xX has gone offline.
>Jews left the game.
>Jews has gone offline.

You could hear Boris sniffling next door. The stream was still going. "BIG MONEY, BIG POOLS, BIG WOMEN | REGISTER FOR FREE RIGHT NOW!!!" The chat was being spammed with ads. You let out a sigh and turned off your computer.