The First Page

[Brad]: hey man, u up? got a present for u, lmk

The lukewarm light from Tyler's phone lit up his room, followed by a cheery chime that signaled the arrival of a text message.  Tyler had already been awake, shifting in the sheets uncomfortably for about an hour. He reached over, grabbing his phone from his nightstand.

[Tyler]: Yeah I'm up dude. What is it?

[Brad]: u heard about the Disney plus thing right?  bitches are crazy over this shit man, so I got an account

[Tyler]: And?

[Brad]: here... email: and password: 0123jxbr, pick up some of those hoes on ur tinder dude

[Tyler]: Where tf did you get the money for a Disney+ man, that isnt even your email.

[Brad]: don’t worry about it dude, its free. just make ur own profile tho, dont want ur shit clogging mine

[Tyler]: Alright, I’ll try it, whatever

Tyler turned toward his alarm clock, which read 10:37 in crisp red letters.  It was a Saturday, thankfully, which meant some other fool was slaving away at Denny’s, instead of him.  

He kept scrolling through his phone, eyes glancing at Tinder’s little “fire” logo; three notifications shone in the corner of the app.  With a sigh, he kicked off the rest of his covers and entered the rest of his small apartment. Living in San Jose hadn’t given him much in the way of free space, but he was used to it.  A bedroom, kitchenette, and small living area were all he had, but that was fine.

It was cozy.

The suspense was killing him, active notifications were like buzzing flies.  He had to swat them. As he poured a bowl of cereal, he browsed through his potential matches.