Bouncing, shaking and vibrating

What a weird dream. There was a policeman, a fireman, a... No, you can't remember who else was in the dream. It is slipping from your memory as you begin to wake up. Perhaps it is the bouncing, shaking and vibrating of your bed that is waking you up?

When did you get a vibrating bed? Hang on, are you sitting up? Yes, it would seem so. You must be sitting in bed. Why is you're bed bouncing you about so much?

Your sleepy head falls forwards, and hits something. Hard. Ah, that's good. Sleep again.

However, the bouncing, shaking and vibrating causes you to wake up again. You feel so sleepy, so very sleepy. You open your eyes. No, you must still be asleep, this must be some sort of a dream. Trees are flying past you on both sides. The sky is clear and blue. You like the colour blue. It reminds you of water.

Yes, lots of water in front of you. It seems to stretch off to the horizon. You like the sea. Perhaps if you keep speeding towards it you might be able to go for a swim?

You bounce upwards and hit your head on something again. Hard. Time to sleep again.

SCORE is 0.