The beginning

You are the invisible man.

A few days ago you got a call from the Mummy, an old friend of yours. He was calling to get the old gang together for a reunion party. You accepted his invite graciously, and have been working to keep your excitement at the prospect of seeing your old friends down.

As you get ready for the big night, you can't help but wonder who else is going to be there. You, the Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein used to be great friends. But when the big screen started calling for less movie monsters and more special effects, the pack pretty much broke up. At one point you heard they were actually using a man in a hockey mask to be the villain for a film series. A human!

You step out the door to your room and exit the hotel onto the busy city streets. Taxi's fly past you even as you put forward every effort to stop one of them. They breeze past you like you aren't even there. Sometimes it is hard being invisible.

You decide to walk. You used to get into cabs at red lights and get out whenever they stopped near enough to your destination, but there have been too many occasions where the cab was headed back to the station at the end of night, taking you miles out of your way. You don't hitch rides in the cabs anymore.

So you walk the 3.4 miles to the Monster Lounge. The Mummy thought it would be the ideal place for them to hang, given the name of the place.

You reach the bar a full hour after the reunion was supposed to start, your feet a little sore from the walk. You walk in and look around for your friends, finding them at a table in the back.

Wolfman is there; he and Dracula are talking about something and sharing laughter. The Bride of Frankenstein is talking to her husband in a heated discussion under their breath. Frank doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all.

You walk over to join them and are about to say hello when you hear what they are talking about.

"Seriously though, Drac, the Invisible Man is such a fucking moron. I don't know how he even made it in the business." Wolfman was saying.

"I know. They could have replaced vith hats and jackets on strings! Ah, ah, ah." Dracula says.

The two of them laugh.

"I'm here, you guys!" You say to them.

They look around for a while, their eyes skimming right over you as though you're not even there.

"Right here, assholes!" You say, smacking the Wolfman on the back of the head.

"Oh," He says, "Hey, man. How've you been?"

"Don't give me that," You say, "I was here for your little 'Mock the Invisible Man Fest'."

"Hey! Invisible Man, ve knew you there the whole time." Dracula says, giving a fake laugh. "Ve just Fucking with you, Invisible. You know how ve are, Ah ah ah."

"Yeah." Says the Wolfman. "You know how we are."

"Assholes." You say. "Order me a fucking beer."

"Order it your damn self." Wolfman says.

"You know they won't serve me. They can't even see me!" You tell him.

"Fine." Wolfman stands up. "What are you drinking?"

"Get me a New Castle Brown." You say.

Wolfman nods a little and walks over to the bar. He didn't ask you for money, and you didn't offer.

"Hey! Look who decided to show up!" Dracula says. You follow his gaze to the door to see The Creature from the Black Lagoon walking in, scanning the area, and walking over to join the group.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon comes over to the table and exchanges a few words with Dracula before you announce your presence.

Being invisible stinks. You always have to announce that you're there.

"How are you doing, Creature from the Black Lagoon?" You say.

"Hey! Invisible Man!! I was wondered if that was you or if just another empty seat!" He holds out his hand to shake, and you take it. You've always liked the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The Wolfman comes back with your beer and sets it on the table. "Thank you." You say, picking it up to take a sip.

"Yeah." He says, "You're buying the next one."

"So where's the Mummy?" The Creature from the Black Lagoon asks. "He’s the one who got us all together, is he not, tell me he's here."

Dracula points a thumb behind them to a table occupied by the Mummy, who is passed out face first in his arm, sleeping like a little baby.

"He's out already?" You ask.

"How much alcohol he consume this evening?!" The Creature from the Black Lagoon asks incredulously.

"He vas drinking like crazy man," Dracula tells you, "But I think vas the pills that Dr. Jekyll dropped off, put him over edge."

"Dr. Jekyll was here?" The Creature from the Black Lagoon asks.

"Yeah," Wolfman says, "He dropped off some fucking good looking weed too. Frankenstein packed up a blunt for us to smoke a little later on."

"Sweet." You say.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon scratches his chin for a moment before responding. "While I am sorry that he didn't stay a while, I'm very happy that he left us with something to remember him by. I'm going to get us a round of shots that we will kick back in honor of his gift."

That having been said, the Creature from the Black Lagoon walked over to the bar and left you at the table with the Wolfman and Dracula.

"Any-body vant to play some darts?" Dracula asks.

"Uuuuunnnnnng." Frankenstein says, shaking his head no.

The Wolfman looks over at Dracula like he's stupid. "Darts. Who the fuck would want to play darts, Dracula?! Darts are fucking stupid. Goddamn it, man. Sometimes you are such a fucking idiot."

"Fuck you." Dracula says, turning in your general direction. "Vhat about you Invisible Man? You vant play darts?"