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It's not until you have traveled several miles that you think this might not be such a good idea. The sun is rising higher into the sky and you're sweating so profusely you're pretty sure within another hour you'll die of dehydration. You take no comfort from the weapons at your side, for this is an enemy you cannot fight -- unlike the demons you have faced in the past few years of constant battle. You are weary and ready to die.

As you raise the flask of water to your lips, its magic renewed, you can feel the sand giving way below you. The water pours down your throat and you smile slightly, knowing that in another ten minutes you'll have some more to drink. That probably won't be enough.

The sand shifts again. It's getting pretty disturbing, and you're not sure what it's coming from. Your thoughts begin to wander, but you continue walking forward. That's all that matters, because the desert can't stretch on like this forever, even though it sure seems like it right now.

Suddenly, you yelp in surprise as the sand falls away completely, then you are falling in endless darkness.

Something breaks your fall, then you fall again, but this time only slightly. It's obviously some sort of magic, but you don't know what sorcery has that sort of power. You've seen spells that make you fall more slowly, but not ones that suddenly break your fall in midair without hurting you, then drop you to the ground a few feet below.

"And so it seems that you have found us again." A familiar voice is speaking, and you see that Striam is standing before you, a hand on the hilt of his sword which is slung over his back. "I wondered when you would arrive. The trap we set up for you? That was the work of a particular wizard I've managed to befriend, though she'd prefer her identity remain a secret." Striam smiles -- you both know who the wizard is. It's the one that helped you escape in the first place. Elack.

Your companions have managed to find one another, when you thought surely they had been killed after you'd separated with them.

Striam's smile drops and he says, "The Dayel's soldiers are marching across the land. We may have a few running about in here."

As if in answer, several of the creatures you know to be minions of the Dayel rush out at you. They're powerful things, creatures that now pose little challenge to you except in large numbers, though several years ago it took all of your effort just to temporarily defeat one, though at the time you thought him surely dead.

You ready your weapons and prepare for the inevitable fight as one of them rushes in your general direction.
HEALTH is 100.
These weapons were gifted to you by the Celestials.  Use them wisely. Pair of Celestial Swords A bow on your wrist!  It is never short of ammunition due to its magic. Wrist-bow This is more powerful than the wrist-bow, but it's also significantly slower. Crossbow Balanced for throwing, these weapons are perfect for getting you out of a stressful situation.  Just make sure you aim properly.  Oh, and use them sparingly.  There's only five. A collection of daggers A potion of healing sloshes around in this vial.  Does it really need an explanation?

There's about three sips in there. Potion of healing This magical crystal gives you the ability to sneak about more effectively.  It's got only three charges, so use it wisely. Gem of Shadows
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