Journey's Beginning

You are walking in a military compound. This compound is familiar to you, but you have come across a section you have never seen before. If it wasn't for your commander guiding you, you may get lost down these echoing hallways. He beckons you to a room on the inner concourse of the compound, which appears to be some sort of computer laboratory.

"Good news soldier, you have been chosen." He says confidently. "But remember, this is highly classified, so you cannot speak of it."

In confusion, you ask what you have been chosen for. He seems amused at your question.

"It is completely under wraps and I am not yet under liberty to tell you exactly what the mission entails."

You ask then, what you must do, if he can even tell you that.

"Well, first, you will be injected with an experimental drug whose name I cannot share, you will be put into an induced and monitored sleep, and you will be hooked into a machine. Simply, retrieve the info and don't die. There will be consequences if you fail either part of that.

What kind of consequences, you question.

"You'll be told later, now, do you accept the mission soldier?"