The First Page

You switch on the dim desk lamp.

Your Command Center, strategically located under the stairs in your mother's basement, is not exactly the latest in military technology; but it does the job. You squeeze into your ancient swivel chair, held together by duct tape and faith, knocking your shin on a box of X-Mas accoutrements in the process. Your desk is cluttered with a pile of zombie contingency plans and a congregation of mountain dew bottles, but you will fight those battles some other time. Today you wage an epic war against an insidious foe: the faceless, merciless creatures that lurk the CYS forums.

Playing Forum Wars is simple. Using your attacks listed below, you must diminish your opponent's Sanity before losing your own. Your other stat is called Mojo. It builds up over time, and you can spend it to unleash stronger attacks.

Insult is your most basic attack. It deals moderate damage to your opponent's sanity.

Rant is a powerful attack. It deals high damage to your opponent's sanity and consumes 12 Mojo.

Whine is a defensive attack. It deals low damage to your opponent's sanity but also reduces the effectiveness of their attack.

Each combatant also has a unique special attack which consumes a lot of Mojo..

After each victory, you will get a chance to upgrade your abilities.

Now that you know the rules, select a combatant and let's get started!

MOJO is 0.
SANITY is 1.