Journey start

Lilly is 11 years old. She and her younger sister Amy live with their grandfather Papa.

Papa is feeling sick and is in bed. So Lilly feels like the grown up in the house.

Papa calls her to his bedside and has a serious look on his face.

"Lilly, I have something important for you to do. I have a little Silver Bear that I want you to take to my friend in Butterberry Hill. It is VERY important that he gets it. Will you do this for me?"

Lilly smiles at her Papa. "Yes, Papa. I will take it to town. Can you take care of Amy while I am gone?"

"Yes Lilly, I will take care of your little sister. Come right back when you give the Silver Bear to Mr. Goodnow. You will find him in the museum. Oh, one more thing, I have someone to go with you."

Papa puts his hand up in the air and whispers something. There is a whisper of the wind and the curtains on the window flutter.

Something tiny flies through the room.