open the envelope

 With the phone between your sholder and ear, you open the envelope. Inside you see various values of paper currency and a grey stocking cap.

AGILITY is 50.
SCORE is 50.
STAMINA is 50.
<p><em>Yikes! - I really hope this doesn't fit me.</em></p> ski-mask <p><em>Is that Washington?</em></p> A One <p><em>Ah, that's why the call 'em "green-backs".</em></p> Another One <p><em>Honest Abe. Hmm...</em></p>
A Five <p><em>Is that Jackson?</em></p>
<p><em>No... Well, who is it?</em></p> A Ten <p><em>This is a Jackson!</em></p> A Twenty <p><em>I hope it's not counterfeit...</em></p> Another Twenty