"AGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Please,stop!!I didn't know-"



Screams can be heard from behind the door and they wake you up.

You look around groggily.

You have a terrible headache, you feel sick, and smell awful.


It sounds like you are in a moving vehicle.

You try to move but chains that are connected to your hands and feet bind you.


More screaming.

You look around you.

The room that you are in is small with little light. There are chains that are connected to a wall, so this must be a prisoner holding cell. There is no one else in the room but the large amounts of dried blood around the chains suggest that it did at one time have them. Searching around yourself, you see that the only things that you have on you is your Jedi robe and Corinth ring. Also, it seems someone has bandaged your injuries by the white cloth that is now stained red with your blood. You feel weak, but you are able to move around.

You slip the ring underneath your sleeve just in case anyone tries to take it.

The rest of your things are gone.



It sounds like a man is being tortured.

You could be next. ............

It's time to leave.

<p>Standard Jedi robes that you have had for years.</p> Jedi robes <p>A ring you found at the Corinth castle. It is old but in fine condition. In the day of its creation, females across the galaxy loved it.</p> Corinth Ring