Starting out

 You wake up in some dimly illuminated room with a damn headache, and the first thing you notice is that you are really thirsty. You also notice that you are not “in” the bed, but instead you are simply on top of it, dressed in a really creased gray suit, and apparently you didn’t even bother taking off your shoes. All of this makes you think “Fuck this, I’m never drinking that much alcohol again in my whole life”.

  But there seems to be something weird in this whole situation: You can’t remember what clubs did you visit last night, or what did you drink at them. Hell, you can’t even remember whether you went out last night or not (even if the answer to that question seems pretty obvious). And what is worse, you don’t have a clue about who the hell are you or where the hell is this place, now that you think about it.

  And since that’s really creepy, you think “Nah, this must be a dream, I’ll wake up soon enough and then I’ll laugh at my own stupidity”. But until you wake up from such a hateful dream, you should do something… “Hell no, there’s no reason to get up in such a hateful dream as this one, screw it” you think as you turn yourself to find a more comfortable position to sleep.

  You try to remember if you had seen some horror movie or whatever thing that could justify such a crappy dream, but you realize there’s no way to find something like that out without your memories. And while you keep thinking in these deep, sort of pointless, thoughts, you fall asleep again. And suddenly:

 Voice of a Man: “AAAAAAAAA Who are you and what the **** are you doing here?!”

 You: “Fuck! Who are you?”

 Man: “What the… You are sleeping in MY house and you dare asking me who am I?”

 You: “Eh… Well, yes… Why wouldn’t I do it? I don’t remember having ever seen you in my life. And who says this is your place?”

 Man: “… O.o… ¬¬ Get the hell out of here right now or I’ll call the police”