The Beginning



It was all over the village. The houses were smoldering under the fire, and the entire village smelled of rotting and burning flesh. Not a single thing or person was left alive but you and Luca, your favorite person in the world.


You knew nothing of your mom, or your dad. You knew nothing of the grand life you would have lived for fourteen years if you hadn't been kidnapped and then left for dead in a forest until some hunters found you and took you to live in their village.


Despite being lucky to survive, some of the people there treated you and Luca terribly. You had to live in worse conditions than them, and even steal to survive. They were never able to catch either one of you because you were too fast for them.


"Luca, let's steal everything from them. Let's take what's left and leave this place!" You exclaimed happily, "They can't torture us anymore! They're all dead!" 


The little boy looked up to you in admiration despite being dressed in tattered clothes and messy hair. But he was hesitant. He was only seven years old after all.