The hunt for the council


"ARE YOU INSANE??!!" They all bombard you with their shouting.




You wave your hands in the air to quiet them down.

"Alright, I get it. It's insane, I know. But, I really don't have any other way to clear my name nopossible girl 4.jpgw do I?"

"You could take your case to court!" You raise an eyebrow when Shin says that.

 "Really? The same court system who convicted me of being a Sith?" Shin opens his mouth to object but stops. Kreia shakes her head.hairy.jpg

"You're nuts. Do you even realize just how powerful the council is?" Kreia says. You shrug at this.

"Can't be that much stronger than anybody else I fought. Besides, I don't even want to pick a fight with them. When I said "I'm going after the council" I think you misunderstood me. One of the council members is corrupt, that's for sure. But I already know who it is. Pauk." They all groan at this. Samdul mutters "not this again" but you continue on anyway. "I just want to talk to them."

"Wait," Samdul says raising his hand. "You want us to go half across the galaxy, fight throug Sith who want to kill us, go back to the people who nearly executed you, all just to have a talk?"

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"We can't do this." Shin tells you flatly.

"Well that's the best idea I got!! Collectively, the council is able  to stop other members, and even the grandmaster himself. All I need to do is convince one of them what is going on and they can do the rest."

"Look, I'm all for the whole "Clear my name" thing but do you really think going after a council member is a good thing?" Kreia says trying to reason with you.

"It's the only thing I can think of. It's either that or be chased around the galaxy until they get me. Us." You say, making sure they understood the last part. They look around each other.

 "Is this the only way?" Samdul asks after a long silence.

You nod gravely.

 "If there was another way, I would take it. But I'm not running anymore. Someone took my life away from me. I want it back." You say firmly. They all sigh.

"Fine." Shin eventually says. "We'll formulate a plan in the morning. But for now, we need our rest. Plus, we need to deal with him." He inclines his head toward X2 in the corner of the room, who still hadn't woken up. "Were going to have to take turns watching him. I don't want my throat slit in the middle of the night."

Without sobering thought all of you get ready for bed. 


<p>A ring you got at the Corinth castle. During the time of it's creation it was loved by females across the galaxy. It is also quite sturdy.</p> Corinth ring <p>Jedi robes that you have had since you were a Padawan.</p> Jedi Robes <p>
	A lightsaber given to you by your Sith instructor. It's as deadly as it is powerful.</p>
Red lightsaber <p>
	A purple lightsaber given to you by a Padawan shortly before his death at the hands of a JSK droid. You carry it with you to honor his passing.</p>
Purple lightsaber <p>
	Your first and favorite lightsaber. You have had it with you since the beginning and it is the one you are the most comfortable with.</p>
Green lightsaber <p>
	A double bladed lightsaber hilt. With this you are able to use two of your lightsabers at once by putting two of them on the opposite ends of the hilt.</p>
Double bladed lightsaber hilt