Dungeon Stompage

You are Raven of Riverwood village, a small community of woodcutters on the edge of Serpentfang Forest. The edge of the forest is a relatively safe place – at least compared to the deeper parts of the forest’s old growth. Lots of dangerous monsters lurk in there, especially giant spiders. Interestingly enough, there aren’t any snakes. Some folks say the name of the forest isn’t a reference to snakes at all, but rather to a giant dragon that ravaged the lands hundreds of years ago.

Legend has it that the dragon was eventually slain by a great hero, but that its treasure was never found. Every so often, wandering adventurers pass through the area and enter the old growth looking for that treasure, but none have ever returned. Almost always, they first stop to visit the hobbled old mage Kragan Firehand at his tower on Dagger Hill, before heading into the forest to their doom.

Kragan Firehand has to be at least two hundred years old. He doesn’t visit the village anymore, but receives visitors and councils the village elders in times of trouble. Due to his age, he is unable to offer any direct protection of the village, but does sell weapons, armor, and potions to the populace as needed. His tall stone tower is right on the edge of the forest’s old growth, but his magics keep him quite secure within.