Rude Awakening

avatarI don't know how long I have been asleep, but my body tells me I am a woman now. I have been separated from my body for awhile as well. 

Some years ago, how many I am not sure, the scientists decided I was too dangerous so they put me in a coma. Their life support system keeps my body alive and with it trapped in slumber, they can experiment and take samples all they please.

No one can see me, but I move about among them. I watch them and I haunt them. They all have heard my whispers in their ear, but none dare to speak of it to anyone else. They all know that those deemed mentally incompetent to continue working, are terminated. No one can simply be fired from this, there has to be an elimination of evidence. Either they go through a painful procedure to induce amnesia or collateral is taken. I don't feel sorry for the ones I drive to insanity, I can only take pleasure in the pain of such monsters.

There is...another soul in my body. One that is separate and yet connected to mine. It is small and pure. The only truly innocent thing I have ever encountered in my entire life. I can't help my like it. It isn't intelligent enough to speak or even truly think, but our minds can touch. It's purity eases my pain somehow, gives me a little bit of hope. 

But, I am more afraid now than I ever have been before. I am afraid they will corrupt it and take it away from me. As I am now, I cannot stop them. I can only haunt them perhaps move a small object here and there. I'm not strong enough to do any real harm, unlike when I was in my body.