You awaken on the cold, stone floor with a shiver running through your body and a pounding earache from sleeping on the side of your head. You do not know how much longer you can survive in this place. No one has brought you any food or water for days. Either you've been abandoned to die or something's happened to the guards to keep them from feeding you. Either way you are well and truly buggered.

With what little strength you have, you pick yourself up and look around your cell. There seems to be no way of escape. The window is barred and even if it wasn’t, your cell is at the very top of a huge, medieval tower, so climbing out would be suicide. The door is far too heavy to break down and you don’t have anything you could use to pick the lock. There is nothing in the room save for yourself, a dirty pile of straw in the corner and a bucket for… Well, let’s not discuss the bucket.

Suddenly though, as your eyes scan the dungeon, you notice something you never saw before. One of the stones on the wall of your cell seems to have something etched into it. As you lean closer you can just about make out two words. “Press me.”