The Prologue

I really encourage you to play the first game, or you may be completely lost. If not, here's a quick recap. The main character (you) starts as a ten year old boy in school being picked on by a group of kids belonging to a notorious and powerful organisation known as The Black Hands. You beat the crap out of them and, if you completed the first game to it's true ending, you spent six years living in the forest. One day while you were in town trading, you befriended a feisty young girl named Sparrow. You killed a group of guards who attacked you and ran into your nemesis, Pollux, one of the kids you beat up all those years ago. You and Sparrow team up and go to your friend (a griffin) to take you to the legendary resistance group known as The Rising Sun. This is where we left off. Enjoy the rest of your journey... And do try not to get killed.