Waking Up








After last night's debacle within your own mind, accepting the dull reality that this birthday will be just like the other, you slowly open your eyes to this new day; your birthday. The ceiling greets you warmly as it always does throughout the year, and the muscles of your naked body yawn with the rejection of waking up. However, to your side, you feel something different. Something at your side is moving, and it seems to reach from your head to your toes. At first it was a shift in the bed under the covers, then a brush of something soft against your side, then a length wrap around your leg, followed by a final shift in the bed.   Your eyes wander over to a figure laying at your side; the more your head turns, the more you see a face -a familiar face at that.

"Good morning, beautiful." rises a familiar voice, my voice, as your eyes rest on my face, throwing themselves wide with shock, happiness, and surprise. I smile at your expression and chuckle under my breath, seeing you speechless.