The Beginning.

tapioca.jpg"Da-Rung, come help me! I cannot seem to carry my bicycle back up!' yelled Taevy, your best friend since childhood. You smiled and immediately run towards Taevy to carry her fallen bicycle. You have been observing this friend of yours and since the war had started, she seems to look very pale and weak. You felt like you really need to be around her or she might just faint anytime.

"Taevy." You said after carrying her bicycle up and allowing her to push the bike along with you as both of you walk. "I realised that you seem very tired nowadays. Have you been sleeping and eating well?"

Taevy looked did not look surprised at all when she heard the question.

"Ask me when was the last time I had meat in my diet? Probably last year. All I have been eating is tapioca and sweet potato. I am so sick of it!"