The Flight

Cathay-Pacific-LAX-Hong-Kong-Jan-2011-1.jpg"I'm going to be late!" exclaimed Robinson. This was a very important day for Robinson as he was off to the other side of the world to help his business secure a deal with one of the largest corporations in the world. Robinson had a 9:30 AM flight to Hong Kong from Los Angeles. He knew that if he could secure this deal, he would be a lock for a big promotion. He hurried and threw the last few things in his suitcase and ran out to his taxi. The taxi took him to LAX where his life would change forever. With a coffee and newspaper in hand, Robinson boarded Flight CX881, non-stop to Hong Kong. About half way through the flight, Robinson got a weird feeling in his stomach, a feeling of uneasiness. He went to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face, then the lights went out and Robinson blacked out.