Waking Up

   You open your eyes, but quickly shut them. Blur fills your vision as a bright light shines directly at you. You clench your eyes closed, attempting to seek refuge in the darkness that your eyelids provide.  Your skin burns, but the place which you lay in is rather cool. You bring your hands to your sides, digging your hands into the ground, balling them into fists. You lift up your hands, pulling the ground with you, a clump of the ground coming up with your fists, shedding out of the ground and sprinkling all over your chest.

  Bringing your hands to your forehead, a gust of wind blows in your direction, causing you to flinch as the mysterious substance brushes over your face. You finally manage to open your eyes, still slightly squinting as your eyes begin to adjust to your surroundings. You see a tree ahead of you, a willow tree to be specific. Around you at all other angles is a grassy field, endlessly leading to what seems like nowhere. You rise to your feet, the grass on your chest falling off of you and blowing away into the distance.