Travel through time and space........

It is the 11th of June 323 B.C.

It is very hot. You are standing amongst a great group of sweating generals, officers and soldiers in the palace of Nebukadnezzar in Babylon. Well, not exactly in the middle of the group but luckily behind a large curtain or tapestry. In the middle of the fairly large and nicely decorated room is a bed upon which a young and very pale-looking young man is laying. It is obvious  that he is very ill. Dark shadows can be seen under his eyes, his long hair is soaked and he is breathing only slightly. Servants are waving fans made of feathers in order to free the ill of the oppressive heat. Every now and then, a young woman with a dark eastern complexion, is wiping off the sweat from his brow with a cooled cloth. The dying man doesn't even notice. This man is Alexander the Great from Macedon, 32 years old, and only minutes from his death. In less than 10 years this legendary Greek has conquered the largest Empire ever seen up to then: From the Hellepont until the borders of India.

Upon his death his Empire would fall apart under the bitter rivalries between his many loyal officers and generals also known as Diadochi (Successors). These wars would continue off and on until 275 B.C. Now dear contestant...who of the following is NOT considered to be one of the Diadochi?