The Story So Far...

This story takes place long ago, in the kingdom of Mystigar.

The King has recently passed, leaving his daughter, the beautiful winged-princess Marmalade, as the only heir.  The Princess is not yet of age, so she is left under the guardianship of the the unscrupulous Marques Jacques Pierre. Unsatisfied with being a mere Marques, he has conspired to marry her and seize the throne. 

It is declared that a great fair and a tournament of archery shall be held in Marmalade's name. The victor will win her hand in marriage. The tourney is open to all, but the game is fixed, for everyone knows that the Marques is the greatest archer in the land.

The day of the fair is upon us! You play the part of a humble baker's apprentice who, unbeknown to all, is destined to be king!