The final day of finals...

You're walking back to your dorm room. It's the last night of final exams and your brain is exhausted, but finally, you have finished. Your backpack feels lighter than it has all semester (since you have already sold back most of your books), and the weather has finally gotten warm after a long winter. 

You still haven't finalized your plans for your summer. Some friends have invited you along on a road trip for a couple of weeks. Exploring the south western United States could be fun, you think. But then there are family obligations. You promised your uncle that you'd help him run his newspaper over the summer. This would be a great job experience, especially considering the fact that you're majoring in Journalism. 

You weigh the pros and cons of both choices as you cross the deserted campus. It's almost eerie this late at night and you realize that you've only seen two other people since you left your exam. 

You pull your backpack closer and try to think back to the self-defense lecture you had had once in high school. Although comically all you can remember is to hit someone in the groin. As you are trying to remember whatever you can from that class you hear a metallic scraping sound from your left, making your skin crawl.

Again you contemplate your options: