The First Page

Welcome friend first a little information and back story.

In the year 2040 five hundred thousand AWOL American soldiers banded together to create a new world order, electing Simon Adams as their first emperor. A kind man turned cruel by the evils of war and PTSD, attempting to set right all the acts of cruelty and evil that he had done by creating a world with one leader. He died from extensive combat wounds before he could see his vision complete , leaving his new empire to his eldest son, Jake whom had other plans for his fathers empire. Wishing for power he quickly assumed the role of New Roman Emperor. Grabbing up as much support as he could he conquered the final nations that his father had not gotten a chance at conquering. Finally having all the power in the world he set out to create a slave driven empire, enslaving everyone who could not pay the freedom tax. That was was almost fifty years ago, just five years ago your family was enslaved because you fell behind on the freedom tax payments. Sending your wife to a brothel and your children to various households to work you were sent to a medical marijuana plantation. two years ago the rebel army came and liberated your plantation, you joined in the fight hoping to find your lost children and wife. six months ago you got a lead about the location of the brothel your wife was sent to, and here you are now, headed to that very brothel.


*Notice* Do to entering into a new world order all technological advancement has been stopped so all weapons used in this story/game are real military weapons the are used or are under development and testing.

COMMAND is 43.
MORALE is 1000.