You sigh heavily as you check the date on your phone. It's almost June. The summer concert is approaching, and you still haven't picked out what song you are going to play. You wanted to compose something, but with such little time, you will have to drop that idea. 

"You should play this piece, Kain," Your classmate Atsu's voice can hardly be heard over the noise of chattering students. You wonder how many seconds it will take before the teacher has the whole class writing lines for "disrupting learning environment."

"I told you..." you say, "I don't play songs other people have written. It feels like copying someone else, you know?"

Your classmate gives you a what-exactly-are-you-talking-about look. "But you are good on the violin, and this song suits your style." He drops a pile of photocopied music on your desk, each marked with the concert date. "Play as often as you can. I never see you practice."

Of course he never sees you practice.

SCORE is 0.