They have returned from their grave...

After killing Tiff and Tuff, you and your girl/boyfriend go out for something to eat. You go to a diner and start talking about how you can finally watch your favorite shows again. Meanwhile, just close to the diner, the cops investigate the dead bodies of Tiff and Tuff and a black hearse comes and they put them into one big coffin. They then bury the 2 again. But 2 years later, on September 14, inside the coffin, Tiff and Tuff broke straight out of the coffin and rose from the ground again!!

Tiff: Heh heh heh! I knew we'd break out of our grave! Now to make another attack on the people!
Tuff: But wait! We need reinforcements! All of our troops are dead!
Tiff: Let's try getting some new troops.
Tuff: But how?
Tiff: Heh heh heh! Just follow my lead, bro!

Tiff and Tuff walk out of the graveyard and kill a person sitting on a bench along the way.