The First Page

"I dislike it here." You say loudly.
You're at home, sitting on the couch, watching George of the Jungle 2.
"Well, why don't you go to the mall?" Says Josephine, your... well, you really don't know what the hell she is in relation to you. Actually, you don't even know her.
You whirl around. "Who the he... oh crap, i already swore in this game once, lets not push it are you?"
"I am the devil." She says. Then she takes out a pen from her velvet scarf.
"Since when do scarves have pockets?" You ask. "And why are you getting out a pen?"
Josephine laughs. "Honestly, I have no idea." She says as she puts the pen back. Then she disappears.
"Wait... are you telling me that's it?" You complain. "Why did you even put that part in the story if it doesn't have any relevance to the adventure?"
Well, regardless of the devil part, you still have nothing to do.