The Find

Welcome to ASP's interactive story! Every choice you choose can affect who you feel is the murderer, so be careful with your choices! Once you finish, please post on the topic found on ASP's forum with your guess as to who the murderer was. Prizes will be posted there, good luck!



Ikaika had a beautiful moment planned for his love, Flare. He decided to finally ask her to go with him to Lover's Ledge, and there under the moonlit sky, he would propose. It sounded perfect in his mind. As he neared the den, his heart dropped as his nose detected something was definitely wrong. Approaching the den site, he noticed bloody pawprints, a few claw marks on a tree, pawprints in the mud and multiple fresh leaves covering the dirt. Stepping over this, his heart leapt as he saw a body. There, in the dirt near the dead, lied a mangled body. As he noticed, a shadow crossed the area quickly, disappearing into the night. Hearing Ikaika's wails and cries and pleads, Kali and a few others came over. 

You, a Newcomer to the pack, stretched your mighty paws and flick your tail after hearing a commotion near the den. Getting up, you walk over and notice a few other members gasping as they stared at some mangled body. As your eyes fell on the body, you knew it was surely Flare. Ikaika was being consoled at this time, while you go to search for the Kiazolos. There at the scene was Kali and Soran, discussing quietly amongst themselves. Kali notices you watching them both, and flicks her ear to indicate their discussion was over, for now. She approached you, rather unamused you were listening to this private conversation. Kali and Soran both smelled of baobab tree sap, so you knew they were clearly doing something together before this happened. "How much did you hear?" she asked, as Soran made his way over as well.

You reply: