Dragon vs HumanOnce upon a time, dragons and humans lived together in harmony. The dragons were the ones who ruled the earth, they had unbeatable power, no one could face them. Over the years living with the dragons, the humans slowly developed powerful magic. Then one day a man in a thirst for power stepped up to one dragon, with the strong magic in those years the human fought the dragon with equal power. They fought for hours... Until the human came victorious with bones of the dragons to a village and showed to them... They don't have to live under the dragon's power ever again.

 Years passed and the dragons were getting extinct, so they decided to hide for lots of years in different places... Caves, volcanoes, underground and on the oceans. Knowing that the dragons have given up, the humans rose up making kingdoms and started getting  more and more land and that, making what is the present... That was the day the era of the humans began... But trust me, I don't think it will be the last of the dragons.