Your Training

grand hall(Your Nick Name), your sixteenth birthday is within a few days and I expect you to behave." Valentine Morgenstern told his only daughter;you; sternly. He wore his long, white hair back in a pony-tail. He had on a black tux and in one of his hands he held a wooden cane. (Your First Name) hissed when the back of his cane swiped at your back with each wrong move you made. You wore a dark emerald dress gown with a sweetheart neckline showing off your breasts. You stumbled; tripping on your own feet, just when he hit you on the back again to straighten yourself up. (Your First Name) was sure that the welts could now be seen on your back and all of them were now visible.

"Straighten up your spine, girl. You will not embarrass me." He warned you.