It’s always dark where I am, but that’s okay. I like the dark, and I have the Mörker for company. He sits up in my head and watches. Sometimes he talks to me, tells me what to do. I do what he says, because otherwise he will punish me. I remember when I first met the Mörker. I was scared of him then, but now I am terrified. The Mörker tells me to do things that I’m not supposed to. You aren’t allowed to kill people, but he Mörker told me to, so I did. I killed lots of people. That’s why I’m here, in the darkness. To make me stop. But you can’t stop the Mörker. 

The days pass, like they always do, sitting in the darkness with the him. We plan together, deciding what to do when we get out. I know we will, eventually. But in the meantime, the darkness is welcoming. It gives the Mörker and I time to think. Time to plan who will die first. The Mörker is very angry with the ones who put us here. But there is something deeper than just anger and resentment. There is pure hatred hiding within the Mörker, and I know he has a reason. I just need to know what it is.