Peji Suji Ichi! (Page Number One in Japanese)

Tiff and Tuff break out of their coffins for the eighth time in a row to find themselves to Mt. Fuji.

Tiff: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! That's it! I've had enough!
Tuff: Now it's time! We're not gonna take it anymore!
Tiff: I have an idea!

Tiff creates a bunch of strange bracelets.

Tuff: What are those?
Tiff: These are Spaz Rings. When we put it on someone, he/she will be possessed with the power of spaz and turn evil!
Tuff: So, if we get enough people to worship us, we'll stay on the air until the end of time!
Tiff: YES! The world will be ours!
Tiff and Tuff: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!