In the beginning

"We really need the money," your mother begs. An ad has appeared in the newspaper for volunteers at a research institute for testing a strange new invention. It sounds a lot weirder than the ones you've done before for cash. 



A revolutionary invention, scientist G Nalton needs you to test out his great creation!

Turns your dreams into reality!

Each volunteer receives $5,000 total for their contribution!

Go to the Nalton Research Institute on Scientific Road on the 14th September to participate.


Your city is renown for its scientific life, and many streets were made solely for scientific research centers and institutes. Scientific Road is one of the biggest and flashiest roads, so of course this G Nalton would be willing to offer that much cash.

But, wow. That could help your entire family. Ever since your father spent all your savings on a failed science project, you have been forced to go into 'volunteering'. You read the adverts in the newspapers and find scientists looking for volunteers, and go to earn a little bit more money for your family to live on. This money has been the biggest cash reward ever, but turning dreams into reality? You mostly have nightmares and not the simple kind. Having those turn into reality could put your and other people lives in jeopardy. But your mother does put up a strong case. "Do you seriously think it will work? This kind of stuff only happens in sci-fi movies and comic books!" You know she's right, and reluctantly head down to the institute to sign up.