Princess Pretty - The Captain of the Queen's Guard -

A pleasant scene greets you as you descend the cart you hitched a ride in.

"Good luck to you, boy!" The farmer guffaws, throwing you an apple. 

You catch it readily and bite into it, feeling the juice run down your chin. "Thank you, Sir!" You wave an enthusiastic farewell. 

Dawn---the day is just beginning and you feel like its already brimming with possibilities. You take a deep, deep breath and exhale at the beautiful sight and sounds you now see before you.

You find yourself in the Town Square. The sleepy little town, even in the early morning light, is a multitude of pastel colors. The people are beginning to go about their day---you see the Baker and his son juggling baskets of fresh bread. Nearby an elderly man is preparing to open his Flower Shop, a bouquet of lively marigolds in his arms.

 A few carriages are going down the street, all of them just as colorful as the town. Even the cobblestone streets are in pale hues of pink and beige. 

You have finally made it to Petunia Kingdom! It's overwhelming and exciting at the same time! After months of pleading, your family has allowed you to fend for yourself. After all, you're 13! A strapping young man, blonde, with dark blue eyes like the rest of your family. Your father is a fine farmer and though he wished you'd someday follow his footsteps, you know you can aim higher.

Your dream is to one day be a...