Math Class

    You’re in math class, and half-asleep. Your teacher, Mr. Morrison, is going over last night’s homework, which you “did” today during lunch. You doodle restlessly in your notebook, not even trying to look alert. You’re almost done with your kawaii muffin when you hear Mr. Morrison say, “Okay everyone, put your stuff away. Keep a pencil out though.” He starts passing out quizzes and a tiny part of your brain panics. However, you finish drawing the kawaii muffin and calmly put your notebook away just as Mr. Morrison puts a quiz on your desk. You look at the quiz and think back to yesterday in class, when there was a substitute. The substitute did mention a quiz on matrices, but no one cared. And now here you are, trying to pass a quiz on matrices.

    The first problem asks you to add two matrices. You think for a moment. How do you add matrices? Oh, right. After a few quick calculations, you scribble down the correct answer. The next problem isn’t so easy. This time you’re asked to multiply the matrices. You can multiply matrices? What even is life… Okay, so you’re never going to get this. You casually glance at Sarah, who is filling in an answer for the question you’re on on. Meanwhile, Mr. Morrison is at his computer.

What do you do?