Today is Going to Suck!

It's dark in your neighborhood as you walk to your bus stop. You pull down the sleeves of your hoodie and cross your arms; it's usually not this cold this time of year in the morning. But today is especially foggy. Headlights appear from time to time as you near your destination and cars zoom by well over the speed limit. You drift to the edge of the road as you have no intention of getting run over today. Even if you ended up in the hospital, the school administration would just reschedule your in school suspension for the first day you were all better. 

Damn, you made it through three semesters without ending up in ISS. What happened? Well, it's not that you're a well-behaved type, you're just good at not getting caught. Or so you were. Your friend Jason got this song stuck in your head the last time you two were talking online. It's this YouTube video you're pretty sure increases your chances of cancer every time you view it. 

By the way, is the song still stuck in your head?