Waking Up

Somewhere, seemingly far away, you hear a swishing noise. It gradually gets closer, and you feel a slight shift in position. Your eyes open slowly to bright lights that hurt your eyes. You blink a few times to become adjusted to the sudden change in brightness and observe your surroundings. You are in a small white bed that is now propped up at an angle. To either side of you are clear panels retreating like hinges from above. Looking around, you notice that there aren't actually any lights near you at all. Rather, you are in a small, white room that seems to be lit from within. You attempt to recall exactly how you got here, but to your surprise and confusion, you can't remember. In fact, you can't remember anything. Your name, your past, your memories-all wiped like a clean slate. You start to panic, but decide that that would not be wise at the moment.

You begin to move your muscles, twitching and stretching each one to ensure that they are working. You find, to your relief, that those, at least, are still fully functional. While taking inventory of your physical and mental state, you become aware of something in your left hand. 

Tucked in your grasp is a crumpled piece of paper with writing on it. You unravel it to see what it says.


"Find the truth, for the truth will set you free."