The First Page

The year is 2015. You are an ornithologist working in a giant zoo in which thousands of people are working in! Now, to the story:

It's just another regular day at the zoo. You are inspecting some bird species, when your assistant, Nick, runs towards you:

"Sir, sir! Did you hear? The manager is signing a contract to sell the zoo. The buyer will turn the zoo into a water park! They're going to sign it in 2 hours."

"What!? This is one of the only zoo's that the climate that's okay for the Fartius Maximus!

"Sir, I doubt they care about birds."

"Damn, Nick! I have to get there... I can't let these birds die!"

You push Nick aside and start running towards the other side of the zoo. As you can imagine, the zoo is huge, because thousand of people work there!

After a few minutes of running you come across some road reconstruction. You could go through around through the zebra exhibit, OR... you could go through the crocodile exhibit... which would most likely result in death.

(The infinite loop is this really original and smart thing I made)