The Beginning

You were in your house, sleeping. Suddenly an explosion rocked the house and jerks you awake. 

"What the...?" You mumble, walking towards the windows. What you see made your jaw drop straight onto the ground. 

Outside, the world has gone to hell. Burning vehicles littered the street - the explosion came from a tanker. People were running around screaming, and someone were shooting each other. Except the ones that are getting shot at were mainly zombies. 

Wait, zombies?! You remembered seeing it on TV, but you just dismissed it as some sort of joke. Nevertheless you had the heart to go out and buy food, water, even a 9mm pistol and some ammo. Now they would come in handy. 

But first things first. Do you barricade yourself inside your house and wait it out, since you have the food and weapons, or pack some stuff and run?