So it begins...

Ah yes, the internets. Forged in the great fires of Gore, the internet is truly a legend. Even the great Bush the Wise has told strange rumors of the internets (not a typo) mystical existence. It is a great tool that can be used for almost any aplication, but like all great technology, it can be misused... So be warned, for you are about to embark on an epic quest unlike any other.

You sit inside your dingy little room in you'r mom's basement and look out your minscule billmodel.jpgwindow. It is raining (not that it matters anyway, you haven't been outside for years), and you are horribly bored. Looking around your room for something to do, you notice an archaic computer that your mom dumped in your room. On the moniter, a sticker proudly displays the slogan "NOW IN COLOR!" with a sexy picture of a young Bill Gates on it. Before you start getting strange and foriegn thoughts that make you question your very way of life, you decide to plug in the computer to see what kind of entertainment it can offer you.

After the computer boots up, it crashes. You restart it. It crashes again. You hit it very hard. It starts up after 30 minutes. Wait a second, Windows 3.0, what the hell? Hmm, oh well, it seems to have three programs on it, AOL, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Which one do you open?