The Tutor's Challenge

"YOU!" the Tutor's voice boomed.

"Y-y-yes, sir?" you stammer.

"Yes-what?" the Tutor says, sarcastically.

"H-here, sir. I am ready for my e-e-exam...?"

How embarrassing. Here you are, in the middle of the Quadrangle, with your whole class looking on, face-to-face with your Tutor, yet totally unprepared for your first practical exam of Wizard School for "Spells & Sorcery 101." What a punk. You didn't do any of the readings. You didn't even pay attention to that carrier pigeon sent by the Tutor yeterday to tell you what selection of offensive spells he might be casting from. Or was it defensive spells?

"Ahem!" the Tutor coughs, tersely, cutting off your thought. Lip curling half in amusement, half in annoyance, your Tutor reminds you, "Remember, you only have one chance to pass this exam. Failure will be... Dire. Let us then see if you can pass the test!"

Standing about fifty paces away from the Tutor, in the wide-open space of the Quadrangle, you brace yourself for your exam.

"Prepare yourself!"