The First Page

You stumble out of a club into the cold breeze of the night. Everything is blurry, something is definitely wrong. When you try and think back to what you were doing earlier, you can't seem to remember. The taste of whiskey is strong, and you begin to dry heave. As you fall to your knees, you hear a voice in front of you.

"Are you okay?"

You look up to see a young attractive woman standing there. You wipe the saliva from your lips and stand back to your feet. She speaks again;

"To much to drink, eh? Happens to a lot of us around here, don't be embarrassed. I'm Ashley by the way, anything I can do to help you?"

Even though she seems friendly, you begin to question her sincereness. More importantly, you still can't remember anything up to this point of the night. 

"You're eyes are really red. Are you high right now?" she asks. 

You take out your phone and turn on the camera app to use as a mirror. You're startled by you appearance: bloodshot eyes, sweat drenched hair, and bruises on your face. You can't remember anything and you're a mess, there is only one conclusion; you've been drugged

"Listen, I gotta go meet from people at The Trance. It's a hot rave club just around the corner from here, do you want to come? Personally I don't think you should be out here alone in your condition."

You think to yourself. You really shouldn't be alone when you're in the condition you are, but you don't know anything about this girl.