Once Upon a Time...

You never thought it would come to this. Hiding out in the bathroom stalls at school, playing on your phone during your lunch period so you wouldn't be seen alone. You would have laughed at someone doing this back in elementary, but now that all of you're friends have found new people to hang out with your stuck alone. You keep blaming yourself for not seeing this coming and making new friends when you had the chance. Now its too late, or at least that's what you've concluded whilst sitting in this dingy stall.

After losing your friends and talking with classmates, you came to the realization that you were a drifter. You could hang out with anyone you wanted, everyone was somewhat friendly to you but you were scared. Scared of being rejected and looking like a loser, which you already were but you didn't want to think that.

The familiar bell rings giving you another sense of dread as it's now your free time, you save your angry birds level while silently slipping out of the restroom before anyone gets outside, god knows you wouldn't want anyone to see you. Lunch Period is over and now you have thirty minutes of free time. Being a loner for the past months has given you experience on what to do to not act like a loner.

You can go to a teacher's room and catch up on work to look busy, you could go to the library and pretend that you're doing research for something that has been ordered by your teacher.

Finally you can go eat lunch as you warned yourself that if you kept on skipping lunch you would start to become anorexic.