All in one day

Such a pleasant sunshine. I walked along the red bricks road toward the enormous castle covering with green lonely vines. The castle where I hoped to meet the good witch of the North was now in front of me. Just before my leg crossed over gigantic gates, guardians coming from nowhere appeared one by one. They were now walking toward me, not even a word from their mouth. Hands approaching me ,They drew their swords. “Nooo!” I shrieked and closed my eyes…


“Hey!, dreamy girl. Stop your daydream and work! ” I could feel his rough and chubby hand grabbing my wrist tightly instead of the swords.  Well, similar to that big swords or I can say ‘a daily sword’. My eyes opened widely as I glanced around. Customers 'line lengthened that the last queue’s back was against the front door of the shop. Getting closer and closer, their eyebrows formed a knot and almost connected.

“Oh my goodness! I’m very sorry.” Again, I bent myself down to apologize the customers and my boss for the fifth time of today’s work. Then, I resumed my duty as a dreamy cashier and pretended like nothing happened even though I could obviously see annoyance from the customers.

"It's over," I sighed when I saw a shadow of my head partially covered the desk. I held the customers records and walked toward the office. As before, the record had never been my concern, but it was the wide long hall. It looked as old as the castle in my mind. If only I could find the old laboratory in this hall, it would be more interesting to me. The old lab would look very amazing; numerous beakers with unique color was filled in every shelves like the alchemist lab or in the Potions room of Hogwart in Harry Potter. If only I could see magical creatures like troll, dragon, Boggart, fairies, and those other powerful animals. If only I could live in a small in size but big and mysterious inside. If only I could be an Alchemist (The Alchemist), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Alina(The Star-- my short story), and any other characters that I want to be.

I walked pass the office door and headed to my table; my dreamy thoughts immediately stopped by then. There was a white letter with 'Ms. Dora Dream' on it. That's my name. I quickly grabbed it up and opened it with my trembling hands. No wonder what kind of letter I received from my boss. "He might suggest me to have more rest and continued my work with higher salary" Still, I knew what i deserved. Just read it and found new job. That was easy.It's normal for people to change job very often because they had not found the right one that suited them well. 

I sighed and read it out loud to make sure that I did not miss any word. "Dear Ms. Dora Dream, this letter, I wrote to inform you that you will have a chance to continue your job as a cashier  ..." My left hand began to relax from its fixed position ,on a tip of my shirt. I thought I was going to be fired from this place. "See! how an optimist got her benefit"

I continued reading the letter, but this time I read it in my head because the following sentence resonated in my head. My voice started to shiver more and more ." will have a chance to continue your job as a cashier if only you resign and apply into other company" WHAT! This is not my daydream. IF ONLY the word 'if only' did not appear in this letter. 

The next day, I went to see my boss. Just after he heard creaking from his front door, he handed me some money to compensate for belated informing. I looked into his indifferent eyes, aiming to hear his softest response. But no. None of words came out of his arrogant mouth. I bowed and turned back toward the entrance. Just before my last step reached the entrance, his whispering, I could catch it, "an absent minded one will never get her job " although none of his secretaries heard it.

I headed to nowhere after my last glance at this big gray building with transparent glass covering four sides of the first story. Such a lifeless posture, I walked out. Then, my hand swayed up and down. I rose my hand up against the sunshine. This energized me like a withered flower received its life back from the sunshine and rain. It's true that if humans posed their body in a 'powerful-position' like show their hands up toward the brightness of the sky. They would feel powerful like when sprinters' chest touched the finish line. They showed their fists upward and said 'Hurray!'. 

It's fine. I would have my new job soon. Just wait and see!

There's my charming prince.                                                                                                                                                       'I'm right here ,waiting for you.'                                                                                                                                              I see you shining from right there                                                                                                                                           Will you see me , who's waiting right here.

There's my sparkling princess.                                                                                                                                                    'I am here ,why don't you come.'                                                                                                                                                 I see your beauty from right here                                                                                                                                             Will you see me, who's spelled coz you right there.

Every girl dreamed to become a princess, at least once in her life, so did I. If only I was a beautiful princess, I would have my charming prince by my side. Even though I could see my prince right there and he could see me right here but neither us could reach each other, I still wanted to be a princess, just to see my noticeable prince.

"Hey!" I called out when someone crashed with me and ran away. None of apology, I heard. I looked up ; the announcement right in front of me totally grabbed my attention. This was my luck. I decided to follow the map toward my new job. Actually, this was what I was waiting for. A peaceful job along with my daydream time in a big and mysterious room filling in with all kinds of world. Worlds ,where I could visit day by day and night by night without any complaining from bossy managers, were infinity and no limitation.

In front of me, it was the most mysterious building that I had ever seen. 'Amazing!' Only this word that I used to describe this surreal building. The entire building was indigo and midnight blue. The front was embellished with four dragons blowing water out of their mouth. Near the entrance, two elephant blowing fire were welcoming the visitors ,like me. Inside the building, the walls were decorated with surrealistic picture like a night with shining candies and flying books. There was no lamp or electricity. Thousands of candles lined up around this gigantic room.I walked toward a large table ,standing on a large vertical book, that thought to be a counter service. 

"Good afternoon, Mysbrarious Library welcomes. May I help you?" The mid -age woman looked at me with her inquisitive eyes. "Hello! Little one. Do you need any help?"

With this height, only my head that the woman could see. "Actually, I'm seventeen, "smiling with embarrassment."I'm looking for a job here."

"You mean a librarian, right?" The women's eyebrow rose up surprisingly.

"Yes, Madam. I've seen on the announcement that.."

"Oh yes, our library offers an unlimited time for our librarian to spend their time reading and seeking every shelve that is in this library. Also, our librarian does not have to work full time. You only need to work when there are visitors borrowing books and returning them back." The woman rushed through the information as if she could not wait to grab me with her hand into this position. 

"That's great! I accept all the conditions. Is there anything more that I need to know before starting my w..."

"No! nothing for you, my dear to worry about. You can start your work now. Just sign your name here. " And again, she interrupted my words. She smiled nicely. 'Nicely' that both tips of her mouth could reach her big eyes. I would consider that a nice smile if only I did not see her sweat running around her neck and her hand. But, I still grabbed a pen and signed my name. This was my only chance to get this best job forever!