1: A Dangerous City

You are a Private Detective living in Victorian London.

Crimes are common and you are frequently called upon to assist the policemen in Scotland Yard. You have been a Detective for a few years now and by combining hard work with intelligence you have had a few successes in uncovering the information that has enabled the Police to arrest wanted criminals. This has earned you a good Reputation but you must be careful not to lose it: if you do Scotland Yard will no longer trust you to help them.

One evening you are at home when Commissioner James Monro, an experienced Policeman, visits you.

"We would like your help again," he tells you. "A lunatic murderer called James Kelly escaped from

Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane ten days ago. My detectives have investigated and found no trace of him. Perhaps if you look into the case you might be able to find something?”

What do you do?