The story begins

Last you knew, you were in a bar having a merry time, when all of a sudden you wake up to find yourself in a dank dungeon. You see a guard and you ask him why you are there. He doesn't seem like a bright fellow, and responds only with "Because you the bad man, and get locked up."

After making a quick overview of your surroundings, you realize that you are wearing only a leather jumpsuit, and the only objects at your disposal are a rusty spoon and a dog bowl full of corn meal.

Although you are befuddled as to how you came to be in your current situation, you know you must escape. In your mind, this scenario leaves you with just three options for how to proceed.

1) Attempt to bribe the guard. Sure, you don't have anything of value, but the guard is pretty stupid.

2) Attempt to pick the lock with the rusty spoon.

3) start yelling and flailing wildly.