Background Story

You are a young explorer from Montana. You have been curious about the Arctic for a long time, but you haven't been experienced enough to go there. Now, after 3 years of exploring jungles, rivers, forests, deserts, and more, you are finally ready!

You rent a jet to take you there. The journey lasts 4 days! You can't wait until the jet lands.

As you step off with your exploring backpack slung over your shoulder, you are instantly glad that you wore a special insulated explorer's suit. It's still very cold, even with the suit's high-tech heat!

You trudge through the snow for a while, just looking for something interesting. You come across a beautiful glacier just off the shoreline. You take a few pictures of the seals frolicking underwater.

Then you spot something even more exciting. A real ice cave! You run inside with mounting excitement. This is where the legendary Arctic Bat is said to abide!

Suddenly, the ground shakes. It's an avalanche! You try to run back out of the cave, but you're too late. Giant clumps of snow and a few icicles block your exit. It becomes a lot darker, because only a few rays of sunlight can penetrate the icy barrier.

Well, you're going to need to find an exit, and fast! You can't stay stuck here forever! You see a carving on the wall, and 3 paths.

The right path looks dark and narrow.

The middle path looks dark and wide.

The right path has something shining in it.