"Shit, it's getting dark. We should get back to camp."

Matt stared up at the clouds above him. The dim grey sky had blackened to a cold, dark blue; the stars offering little illumination. They'd been walking all day and his feet had begun to blister. The three teachers who had organised the trip had been expecting the party of teens back over an hour ago. He felt a cold hand grip his wrist.

"Past your bedtime already?" Sally chuckled as she placed a kiss on Matt's neck. They'd been inseparable since they met in high school 5 years ago. "We haven't even gone for a swim yet!"

Harley shot the pair a look of horror. "In the lake? Are you kidding? You can see the ice floating on the surface. There's no way I'm getting in there."

Sally gave him a shrug and began to undress. Zoe giggled and dived into the lake headfirst, still wearing her scarf and coat. Sally lunged into the water and screamed as the cold hit her.

"Get in here!" The girls called.